We all have questions! Please feel free to contact your Coaches at ohanawaterpolo@gmail at any time with any and all! 

How do I join? 

The BEST way is to just go here to register and don't forget to fill out your Contact Information and get your AWP Membership! If you want to use our Trial week offer first, still fill out the Contact Information Form, and also print and bring the Trial Week Release Waiver with you to your first practice. You can Join anytime! 

What if I already have AWP Membership with a different club? 

No worries! AWP will work with OWPC to change your club of choice over, either way, you are covered under AWP for any club you play with! Just make sure on your Contact Information, you list your AWP Membership number and let the coach know you are registered under a different club!

What do I need to play? 

Boys need a speedo or jammer style swim suit, and girls need a one piece. More competitive levels will require a Water Polo Style Suit for girls. Goggles are permitted during our short swim sessions, though not required as water polo is mainly a heads up swimming sport, and goggles are not permitted to be worn once balls are in the pool for safety purposes. So... Suit, Towel, Water Bottle, and you're all set! 

What Basic Skills do I need to know?

No experience is necessary,  though comfort in the water is very important and while we are not a swim team, we will teach your athlete the general swim skills needed for water polo play. Being a vertical sport, most of our work is focused on our legs and the skills of eggbeating. Off season is the perfect time to join a local swim team, keeping you in the water and gaining strength in your swim skills! 

Are there attendance requirements to play in games? 

While we have no attendance requirements to play, keep in mind, you learn how to play during practice, and games are the best opportunity to apply what you have learned! Games give us real time opportunities that we cannot always re create in a practice setting, and practices allow us to slow it down and focus on the fundamentals of developing skills, so attending both will grow you optimally as an athlete. 

What ages will I be playing with? 

Grommets waterpolo is split into 4 age ranges. Splashball 6-8(only available in summer), 10&Under, 12&Under, and 14&Under. Majority of our play is Co-Ed, and our athletes are constantly assessed to ensure they are practicing and playing with like skill, size, strength and age levels of each other to maximize their learning potential.  

High School includes incoming all incoming freshman during the summer seasons, and freshman girls during fall. Boys Water Polo is a Fall Sport. Girls Water Polo is a winter sport. All athletes are encouraged to participate in school sanctioned swim team during spring with Club Water Polo as a supplement for added fun.