Happy Dance!!! Spring has come!

We’re so excited!! First practice is just a few days away!   {Happy dance!} 
Thank you for registering online, lets just make sure that you have finished every step. 
IF you haven’t already, please head to the Contact Form and fill it out for each athlete you have registered for spring session. This is VERY Important! It’s your athletes intake form, to ensure we have all the needed information and emergency contacts. 
If you have already, ROCK ON! 
If you know you are coming out, and simply want to pay in cash. Please Complete the online Membership Registration  and choose COD as your payment method. 
If you, or someone you know desires to just try it out for trial week, make sure you bring the Trial Week Waiver, and also fill out the online Contact form, before you come! This way we can get your athlete(s) in the water without delay! 
To keep up to date, in addition to the website and Instagram, OHANA WP will be utilizing the Remind Mobile App for all our communication needs. To keep up on when practices are changed or cancelled, games schedules, and any other information needed to be shared with the athletes and their families, please download this free app and subscribe to our group! Below are easy instructions on how to get connected. 
Remind Instructions
When you download the app, you can also just join @ohanaw. 
Can’t wait to see everyone on Tuesday at 6:30!!! Its my honor to continue the love of water polo for these kiddos and their families, while welcoming everyone into our new Ohana! 
Coach Breezy
IG | ohanawaterpolo 
REMIND | @ohanaw